Rebranding Alfaliquid

ALFALIQUID is reinventing itself and has many new surprises in store for you!

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At the beginning of 2024, Alfaliquid, the renowned e-liquid brand, unveils its brand-new catalog.

A huge wave of freshness over more than 100 references: new look, reorganisation of collections, nicotine salts and 50ml...

The main aim of this rebranding is to simplify and clarify the range to make it easier for you to select flavours.

Find your favourite flavours in new packaging!

What changes exactly?

A revamping of the Alfaliquid ranges

Collection ALFA

The flavors have taken over from Alfaliquid collections such as Original, Siempre, Cool N Fruit, Dark Story, So Fifty, Coricancha, Instinct Gourmand...

Now, Alfaliquid offers a diverse range of 8 flavor categories:

Classics, Mints, Red Berries, Fruity, Fresh, Gourmand, Drinks, Candy.

A new packaging

Relooking alfa

The new packaging has been carefully designed to allow you to quickly identify your favorite flavors. Each of the 8 flavor families is associated with a color that you will find on the tops of the products. The second color makes it easy to distinguish between different flavors within the same family. For example, you just need to spot the green mints and differentiate them from the fresh and frosty mints!

Discover almost 100 flavors available in 2 PG/VG ratios, 70/30 or 50/50, in 2 sizes: 10ml or 50ml, and with different nicotine rate.

Relooking alfa
Relooking alfa

The color of the cap also varies consistently in this axis of harmonization and clarity:

  • White for PG/VG 50/50
  • Clear for PG/VG 70/30
  • Gray for nicotine salts
  • Black for the booster
Alfaliquid nouveau

Flavors are disappearing: the 50ml shake and vape/ready-to-boost format replaces the 'large format.'

Alfaliquid nouveau

The specific 'large format' found in Alfaliquid collections such as Sofifty, Coricancha, Dark Story, Siempre, Instinct Gourmand, Gaïa is now replaced by a ready-to-boost bottle, with the booster sold separately.

Ratio PG/VG e-liquide

The PG/VG ratio of 70/30 replaces the ratio of 76/24.

Ratio PG/VG e-liquide

To better cater to vapers' preferences, the PG/VG ratio is now 70/30 instead of 76/24. This adjustment does not impact the flavor of your liquid, as the aromas remain unchanged. However, you might notice a slight shift in the balance between taste and vapor production. This new ratio is expected to generate a bit more vapor, attributed to a slight increase in the Vegetable Glycerin content.

As for the type of coil resistance, there is no change.

The nicotine rate of 12mg/ml replaces the 11mg/ml rate.

Ratio PG/VG e-liquide

In order to align with the standards of the vaping market, the nicotine strength of 11 mg/mL is now adjusted to 12 mg/ml  representing a slightly higher nicotine concentration.

The other strengths remain unchanged: 0, 3, 6, 16, and 19.6 mg/ml of nicotine.

New flavors available

Discover without further delay the new flavors that enhance the Alfaliquid catalog.