Freevap egg hunt

FREEVAP BIG egg hunt 🐰

will you rise to the challenge?

you have until 5pm on 5 April to try your luck.

TO WIN: promo codes worth 50CHF*! 🎁

*valid for orders of 100CHF or more, for 1 month from the code creation date. Cannot be combined with other promotional codes. 

For Easter, we've prepared a special egg hunt to celebrate this joyous occasion with you! 🐣🌷
To thank you for your loyalty and trust, we're offering you a treasure hunt on our site!

Browse our site in search of hidden eggs 🔍

Are you ready?

chasse aux oeufs

How the treasure hunt works : 

6 easter eggs have been hidden on pages of our site. Each egg contains a letter to make up a magic word.

It's up to you to find them using the clues below! 

To get your unique code worth 50CHF, here's the last step: 

Log in to your customer account. He doesn't do MEOW, but he's available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Give him the magic word and you're in!  

Clues for finding Easter eggs on the site: 

EGG number 1 🔍

Any advantages? Yes, we do! And lots of them! 

EGG number 2 🔍

Dear honey, do you want some tea?

EGG number 3 🔍

Shall we make an appointment?

EGG number 4 🔍

I'm an exotic fruit.
I have the same name as a bird.
My flesh is green and stoneless.
I'm a bit sour.
You can cut me in half and miss me with a spoon.
What am I? Hint: I'm a brand 

EGG number  5 🔍

You'll find me on something new.
I'm a salty fairground confectionery

EGG number 6 🔍

I'm cheap, I'm worth it. But be careful, I'm quick to disappear!

MAGIC WORD To be sent 🔍

Log in to your customer account. Il ne fait pas MIAOU, is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Send him the word and you're in!  

3, 2, 1.... THE HUNT IS ON! 🧺

Feel free to explore all the pages on the site if you get stuck.

Enjoy the game!