E-cigarettes: good practice when the temperature is high


Good practice in summer and in hot weather when you are a vaper

Summer, leisure, heat... Everyone loves to sunbathe under the golden sun and enjoy the beautiful summer season. But not your electronic devices!

Electronics and heat do not often mix well... It is important in these cases to adopt good practices to avoid any mishaps and preserve your equipment, but also your e-liquids!

We will give you many tips to prevent any inconvenience related to high temperatures, preserve your e-cigarette and your juices to offer you a serene and pleasant vaping experience throughout the year.

Heat and electronic cigarettes: what are the risks and how to avoid them?

Sun and electronic cigarettes do not go together. As an electronic device consisting of a battery, UV rays will make it suffer badly. Just like you after a good sunburn! But don't panic, Freevap is here to help you adopt good practices during the summer.

Battery and electronic cigarette, the risks related to heat

As you already know, your electronic cigarette is made up of an integrated battery and/or one or more rechargeable batteries (located in your box).

Just like any other electronic device, your batteries and accumulators are not compatible with very high temperatures. UV rays can have a serious impact on the life of your equipment and significantly affect its chipset (electronic circuit). This results in a faster discharge of the battery (composed of lithium) and therefore a degradation of the quality of your equipment (above 35°C).

In addition to this, in very rare cases, the battery and/or accumulator can undergo a phenomenon called outgassing, which can be very dangerous. This event is the result of a short circuit caused by overheating, which leads to the release of a certain amount of gas that must be evacuated to avoid any risk of explosion or burns. But rest assured, this phenomenon is not only very rare, but is avoided by the small ventilation holes that most equipment has. These small holes evacuate the gas and thus prevent any risk of such a phenomenon.

However, it is important that you know the risks involved so that you can avoid them.

Our tips for protecting your vape equipment from heat

The first advice we can give you, and not the least, is to keep your electronic cigarette (and/or your batteries) in the shade, away from heat and humidity. To do this, you can opt for protective cases for your equipment and storage units specially designed for the transport of your batteries (to be used all year round!).

In addition, we strongly advise you never to leave your equipment in your car or in direct sunlight for too long during hot weather or summer. Take care of it as you would your precious smartphone!

Another little tip that may be useful: during the summer, if you want to limit the risk of overheating, you can opt for equipment that is less imposing than a kit with a battery, in particular by favouring disposable pods or puffs which have fewer fragile components and are therefore less prone to overheating. Even if the inconvenience due to heat is less, this does not prevent the need to protect your equipment.

What are the risks for my e-liquid when it is hot?

It's not just your battery that suffers from high temperatures. Your e-liquid is also on the front line and can leak and ooze badly due to the heat.

Fortunately, there are some tips to protect your precious e-liquids, your pockets, your hands, but also your bags from a tsunami of liquids.

The e-liquid liquefies with heat

A liquid is composed of flavourings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine (or vegetal) and potentially nicotine. These components are very sensitive to heat and especially to UV rays.

A liquid will tend to liquefy with heat, which will cause leaks and potentially clog your equipment (clearomizer, resistance). In rare cases, if you leave your e-cigarette too long in the sun in particular, it can flow to your battery and damage your equipment.

The heat will also accelerate the aging of the flavors of your liquid and UV rays can degrade these flavors, but also the nicotine in your juice.

My e-liquid turns brown: the nicotine oxidizes in contact with UV light

More worrying than anything else, the nicotine can oxidize and cause your e-liquid to change colour, turning dark and losing flavour. This is not dangerous in itself, but it can be disturbing.

The situation is the same when you let e-liquid stagnate in your tank for too long.

In these cases, it is still best to change your liquid and clean your tank thoroughly.

How to preserve your e-liquid in hot weather

As you will have understood, a liquid does not like heat and especially high temperatures. It is therefore important to adopt certain measures to limit the damage.

First of all, make sure you keep your e-liquid away from heat (favour a temperature of 14 to 20°C for ideal conservation). Protect it from UV rays by keeping it in a carrying case or in your bag. If you are at home during a heat wave, store it in a cupboard.

Freevap tip: If you're going on a picnic in a park or at the beach, don't hesitate to put your liquid in the cooler to protect it from leaking.

Secondly, you can limit the presence of air in the vial of e-liquid to avoid any risk of oxidation, by closing your cap well at each filling.

Finally, to limit the fluidity of your liquid you can prefer juices with high VG ratios (between 60VG and 80VG). Liquids that contain more VG are more viscous, so the heat will thin them out, but not enough to leak into all your equipment.

How to avoid dehydration and thirst during a heat wave by smoking

As you know, in summer, it is necessary to stay well hydrated to allow your body to cope with high temperatures without discomfort. This is especially true if you are a vaper. The propylene glycol in your liquid tends to dry out your throat and make you thirsty, as it absorbs water molecules. That's why you shouldn't neglect hydration, drink between each vape session!