USB-C Power Adapter - MPV

Recharge your internal battery e-cigarette in a flash with this USB-C power adapter from Master Pro Vape a French brand specializing in chargers, batteries and accessories for vapers. This power outlet is equipped with a USB Type C port offering a fast and safe charge with a power of 20W.

Sold by unit.

Cable not included.

Master Pro Vape USB-C Power Adapter

The French brand Master Pro Vape specialized in quality accessories for electronic cigarettes offers cables to recharge your e-cigs equipped with internal batteries.

The democratization of internal batteries in the world of vape makes it necessary to have a power adapter to recharge your e-cigarette more effectively and quickly than by connecting it with a USB cable to your computer for example. This MPV power outlet has a USB-C port for fast charging of your equipment with a current of 20W.

Sold individually.

Cable not included.

Maximum power
Charging connection
Wall socket, USB-C
Country of manufacture
made in China

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