USB to Micro USB cable - MPV

You may have noticed, electronic cigarettes equipped with a built-in battery rechargeable via USB are increasingly common. The USB to Micro-USB cable from Master Pro Vape is therefore an essential accessory to recharge an e-cigarette with a Micro-USB port.

Sold by unit.

Length of 1 meter.

USB to Micro USB cable Master Pro Vape 1 meter.

The French brand Master Pro Vape specializes in quality accessories for electronic cigarettes offers cables to recharge your e-cigs equipped with internal batteries.

The boxes with integrated batteries are now very popular because rechargeable directly via USB. Having a charging cable will then be essential to give energy to your e-cigarette. The USB to Micro USB cable from MPV allows you to recharge your e-cigarette with a Micro USB port. Its length of one meter offers an additional comfort story to take two or three puffs easily during the charge.

Sold by unit.

Made in China.

Length of 1 meter.

Charging connection
Micro USB, USB

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