21700 Battery - 4000 mAh - 40A - MPV

4000mAh 21700

MPV, acronym for Master Pro Vape, their name describes well this French brand because they are indeed the masters when it comes to power for your e-cig. Specialized in chargers and batteries dedicated to vape, MPV rhymes with quality and safety.

This battery 21700 Master Pro Vape is made for vapers who do not spare their e-cigarette, since with its autonomy of 4000 mAh, you will have what to do. Well wedged in your box, this battery delivers a maximum discharge in pulse of 35A for 20A of continuous discharge. In its entrails, this battery 21700 is armed with a chemistry INR of a great stability so that you can vape in full safety, whether on an electronic setup or mecha.

Sold individually.

4000mAh 21700

Accu 21700 of 4000 mAh and 35A of Master Pro Vape

The French brand Master Pro Vape offers only chargers and batteries of high quality. You can therefore use this battery 21700 with INR chemistry with your eyes closed, except for inserting it into your box, open your eyes so you do not misunderstand.

Characteristics of the MPV 21700 4000 mAh battery:

- Big autonomy of 4000 mAh

- Max discharge current 35A

- Continuous discharge current of 20A

- INR chemistry

- Flat positive pole

Some advice for use

To keep your battery in top form, we strongly recommend charging it with an external battery charger.

Important! It is extremely important to follow the safety rules for batteries. Batteries in poor condition can become dangerously hot or can outgas.

- Do not charge batteries with torn packaging.

- Never leave batteries loose in a bag or pocket, but carry them in a suitable case

- Never leave them in contact with metal objects.

- If you have the slightest doubt, do not use your batteries

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Sold individually
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made in China

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