TPU protection 5 ml for Itank 2 - Vaporesso

The iTank 2 clearomizer from Vaporesso benefits from a handy little accessory. It's a vape band specially designed to fit perfectly on the pyrex of your iTank 2. This version has a diameter of 25 mm and fits the straight 5 ml pyrex. These vape bands are made from TPU, a tough elastic plastic, and feature small windows that allow you to monitor the level of your e-liquid.

This protection is the ideal accessory for on-the-go vapers, as it greatly reduces the risk of breaking your tank while giving it a stylish look.

Sold individually.

Vape band Armour S for iTank 2 Vaporesso

This TPU coating offers an "iron" defense for the tank of your iTank 2 clearomizer, especially when using the straight 5 ml pyrex. Designed specifically for the iTank 2, this vape band has a diameter of 25 mm, fitting the tank perfectly and incorporating apertures that let you keep an eye on your e-liquid level.

As well as protecting your tank, these protectors offer a little touch of personalization, as you can choose the color that matches your mood of the day.

If you're on the bubble team, a model for the iTank 2 8 ml tank is also available here → TPU iTank 2 pyrex 8 ml protection.

Capacity (ml)
Up to 25mm
Sold individually
Country of manufacture
made in China
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