Raspberry Lychee - Tasty by LiquidArom | 50 ml "Shortfill 70 ml"

50ml 50PG | 50VG Fruity Raspberry Lychee

The Tasty Collection french manufacturer LiquidArom is known for the richness and variety of its flavors. The combinations of flavors offered a wide variety of e-liquids. Foodies will be able to indulge in creamy, melt-in-your-mouth e-liquids, and fruit fans will be treated to a well-stocked shelf of invigorating fruity flavors.

One is a garden staple, the other a delight from a far-off land, the blend of these two flavors gives us a delicately scented e-liquid. The liquid Raspberry Lychee of the range Tasty Collection combined the delicious sweet and slightly acidic taste of raspberry, that of a lychee full of exoticism, bringing all its personality to this divinely fruity concoction.

Unicorn bottle of 70 ml with 50 ml of liquid with boosted flavors inside. To dilute with nicotine boosters (not included) to obtain the desired dose. 1 booster for 3 mg/ml and 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.

Ratio PG / VG: 50/50. Can be vape on all e-cigarettes.

Nicotine content: 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Warning this product requires a booster
50ml 50PG | 50VG Fruity Raspberry Lychee made in France
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E-Liquid shortfill 50 ml Raspberry Lychee Tasty Collection by LiquidArom

Whether you prefer a fruity or gourmet vapor, the Tasty Collection by LiquidArom has something for you with its rich flavor blends. This line offers a wide variety of quality e-liquids, so you can go in with your eyes closed and start collecting them.

The Raspberry Lychee liquid is a subtle blend of two distinct flavors: raspberry and lychee. This combination of flavors creates a delicate and refined e-liquid, combining the sweet and slightly tart taste of raspberry with the unique flavor of lychee. You will only puff this fruity duo ready to make you crack, thank God you have 50 ml of it.

How to use the eliquid shortfill Raspberry Lychee?

The eliquid shortfill "Raspberry Lychee" is packaged in a unicorn bottle of 70 ml containing 50 ml of liquid flavors boosted. This juice is to dilute with nicotine boosters (not supplied) to obtain the desired dose of nicotine:

  • 1 booster for 3 mg/ml.
  • 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.

Characteristics of the e-liquid Raspberry Lychee Tasty Collection of LiquidArom :

  • 70 ml bottle in P.E.T with child safety.
  • 50 ml of eliquid boosted in flavors.
  • Ratio PG / VG: 50/50. Fits all vapes.
  • Rate of nicotine: 0 mg/ml.
  • Made in France.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
50PG | 50VG
Raspberry, Lychee
Nicotine content in mg/ml
0 mg
Free volume for nicotine shots in ml
Type of inhalation
Country of manufacture
made in France

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