Swag Daddy - Big Papa | 50 ml "Shortfill 70 ml"

50ml 35PG | 65VG Sweet Biscuit Almond cream Meringue

Big Papa pays tribute to these heroes not free of flaws, sometimes humiliating, sometimes on edge, but always very endearing and who deserve a thunderous applause, just like the moms.

Freshly divorced, the Swag Daddy offers himself a second youth, to the great dismay of his children who have just come across his TikTok posts. No matter what others think, the Swag Daddy lives "his best life" as he says, finally within the limit of what his lumbar allow him. His failed marriage behind him, it leaves him time to become a real daddy cake for his kids by taking out cookies, frangipane and meringue from his ovens. Might as well take advantage of it, in two weeks his new passion will be kitesurfing.

The Swag Daddy liquid is packaged in a 70 ml unicorn bottle containing 50 ml of liquid boosted in flavors. It is up to you to dilute it with nicotine boosters (not included) to get the desired dose. 1 booster for 3 mg/ml and 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.

Ratio PG / VG: 35 / 65. Adapted to DL or RDL material.

Nicotine content : 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Warning this product requires a booster
50ml 35PG | 65VG Sweet Biscuit Almond cream Meringue made in France
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E-Liquid shortfill 50 ml Swag Daddy by Big Papa

Enjoy the e-liquids brand Big Papa brand, recipes worked with love and passion. Big Papa uses vegetable propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavors carefully selected for their high quality to offer you premiums e-liquids and damn tasty.

Swag Daddy e-liquid is a symbol of opulence, it exposes its rich flavors of cookie, frangipane and meringue as ostentatious signs of wealth. Leave behind a vapor that will turn heads.

How to use the eliquid shortfill Swag Daddy?

The 50 ml of Swag Daddy boosted in flavors are served in a unicorn bottle of 70 ml. This leaves you 20 ml free to decorate it with boosters (not provided) to obtain the desired dose of nicotine:

- 1 booster for 3 mg/ml.

- 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.

Characteristics of e-liquid Swag Daddy of Big Papa :

70 ml bottle in P.E.T with child safety.

50 ml of e-liquid with boosted flavors.

Ratio PG / VG: 35 / 65. Suitable for direct inhalation (DL) or direct restrictive (RDL).

Nicotine content: 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
35PG | 65VG
Biscuit, Almond cream, Meringue
Nicotine content in mg/ml
0 mg
Free volume for nicotine shots in ml
Type of inhalation
Country of manufacture
made in France

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