Yuz Me Battery - Yuz by Eliquid France

650mAh Internal battery

The Yuz Me battery of the brand Yuz by Eliquid France offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable puffs while preserving a way to vape without headaches.

With its internal 650 mAh rechargeable battery, the Yuz Me pod will allow you to keep the battery by only replacing the cartridge. A full charge via USB-C will only take 30 minutes and will allow you to enjoy about 600 puffs.

The great strength of Yuz Me comes from its pre-filled cartridges of 2 ml of the best e-liquids from the French manufacturer Eliquid France. These liquids with or without nicotine are 100% made in France! Using the pod Yuz Me is simple as pie, you insert a cartridge Yuz Me and you just have to suck to enjoy the fresh and fruity flavors of the Fruizee range or the greed of a Supreme and many others to discover.

The Yuz Me pod offers a tight draw (MTL ) similar to the classic cigarette and is therefore very effective to accompany you in your smoking cessation.

Cartridges sold separately.

650mAh Internal battery
What is the alternative to the Disposable Puff?

The Yuz Me pod, the Puff 2.0

You have discovered the vape with the disposable puff but you are lazy to launch into an open system? When should I change resistance? What resistance should I choose? What e-liquid should I use? Don't worry, you'll get there one day, in the meantime, you can enjoy the Yuz Me Pod. The Yuz Me battery is the ideal intermediary before you launch into the big bath of the Olympic vape. With the Yuz Me as a buoy you enjoy a 650 mAh battery rechargeable via a USB-C port (cable provided). This will prevent you from accumulating disposable puffs in your drawer saying to yourself, I will take them to the recycling tomorrow for three months now. But also, you do not lose the simplicity of use of a disposable e-cigarette, you will only have to clip a cartridge Yuz Me (sold separately) and then inhale as you did on your puffs.

Yuz Me cartridges, the puff with juices made in France!

Yuz Me is not the only system of this kind, but Yuz Me has something that many others do not. E-liquids made in France with traceability and impeccable quality. Then not just any, we are talking about the manufacturer Eliquid France which we throw all its bestsellers. The fresh and fruity Fruizee range, sparkling lemonades Lemon Time, classics of character of the range Havanero and not forgetting the inevitable Relax and Supreme that have put Eliquid France the spotlight.

It is therefore 2 ml of premium e-liquid and French that you will find in the cartridges Yuz Me. With or without nicotine, you have the choice. The cartridges containing nicotine are dosed in nicotine salts for rapid absorption by the body and a hit in the throat less aggressive. The e-liquids with nicotine salts are very effective for people starting to wean themselves off smoking.

The Yuz Me battery is sold without a cartridge, find them on Freevap, right here → Yuz By Eliquid France.

How to replace a Yuz Me cartridge:

How to replace a Yuz Me Cartridge

  • Unclip the magnet cartridge from the Yuz Me battery.
  • Clip a new Yuz Me cartridge on the battery.

The dimensions of the pod Yuz Me :

Size of the Yuz Me pod

The Yuz Me battery of Yuz by Eliquid France comes with:

- 1 Yuz Me 650 mAh battery

- 1 USB-C cable

- 1 user's guide

Hardware format
Vape Pen
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Type of inhalation
Fill type
Sealed: no refilling
With settings
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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