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Make your custom vape 

To build your vape yourself, you will need to choose several elements essential to the proper functioning of it. An electronic cigarette is broken down into several parts each having their specificities. From the box to the atomizer, through resistors and e-liquids, we will help you understand every element of a vaper.

The box 

This is the main part of the electronic cigarette. It is she who will trigger the action of heating resistance. Electronic or mechanical, it takes the form of a case that usually needs one or two batteries to work. With more or less features to allow more or less settings.

The atomizer 

This is the top element of the electronic cigarette. Also called clearomizer, it contains the e-liquid and the resistance that vaporizes it. It can be replaceable for simple kits or rebuildable for the most confirmed vapers. But for the more beginners, we strongly advise you to start with an atomizer with replaceable resistors.

The atomizer may be tight draw to get as close as possible to the sensations of a conventional cigarette or air draft to produce large amounts of steam.


This is the part that will heat up when activating the switch. It consists of a resistive wire and a wick. It has a value in Ohm greater or less that will make the rendering of flavors, steam and throat sensation will differ. 

By choosing your atomizer, we generally recommend the compatible resistors and corresponding to this one for your convenience. Make your choice according to the type of vape you are looking for. 

It is a consumable, you will have to change it regularly.

The battery 
This is the external battery that can power a MOD. It can be of different diameters and sizes. The range is also variable and indicated: for example a 26650 battery will have more autonomy than a 18650. Consider the battery a little like a rechargeable battery that powers your box. 

Attention, it is necessary to handle this part well not to be exposed to risks of overheating. We advise you to read our guide on the batteries.

By assembling these 4 parts together, you will have a ready-made model. You just have to put your favorite e-liquid in the atomizer and go to vaper!