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Discover and enjoy the many advantages of the Freevap fidelity programs and make the most of your vape budget!

1 - Sponsorship: Sponsor a friend to get a discount for your next order and offer him or her one as well!

Friends, family, colleagues... We all know someone who still smokes and who, despite the high risks of tobacco cigarettes, continues to do so because he or she does not have the right tools to quit. It's time to make change happen! This new year is an opportunity to stick with the good intentions and stop smoking: with the help of vaping!

Once you've convinced those around you of the many benefits of vaping, it's time to sponsor them! Until January 31st, you can take advantage of our special offer: each sponsorship will bring you a reward of a whooping a CHF10 discount.  to be used on your own next order. Your sponsoree will benefit from a CHF10 discount that can be used on her or his first order!  

How does it work?

To sponsor:

- Step 1: log on to your freevap.ch account.
- Step 2: in your account go to "Sponsorship program".
- Step 3: enter the contact information of the people you want to sponsor and click on "Send invitations".

Every person you wish to sponsor will now receive an email (they will sometimes have have to check in their spam box).

Important: In order for your sponsorees to get their CHF10 discount on their first order, they have to create their account via the link included in the email. Alternatively they can create their account on freevap.ch and enter the code received in the email.

Once one of your sponsorees places their first order you will receive a CHF10 discount.

2 - Collect 5% of the value of each of your orders and create yourself a piggy bank in CHF to use on your next purchases!

For each order placed, 5% of the value of your order will be credited to your account. This is the perfect opportunity to save on your next purchases of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories by choosing freevap.ch! 

For example, you have just placed an order worth 50 francs. Your account will then be credited with 2.5 francs, which you can convert into a voucher at any time. After several orders, do not hesitate to visit your account and go to "discount vouchers". You may have a nice surprise waiting to be transformed into a voucher!