Discovering new flavors: taste e-liquids for FREE!

Test e-liquids for free thanks to our new special tasting section! Beautiful surprises to discover full of flavors.

What could be better than discovering new liquids for free?

Finding the right e-liquid taste is not easy in the vast world of vaping. Without being able to try, it can be complicated. And as the saying goes: "To try is to adopt"!

That's why the Freevap crew is undertaking a new special mission to help you discover new e-liquids for free: aromatic nuggets and beautiful discoveries! Discover this new concept called :

"The tasting section"

We are aware that the life of a new vaper is made of more or less successful discoveries. This is also the case for experienced vapers, always on the lookout for new aromatic explorations. That's why we offer you this tasting area, which will allow you to make new tasty discoveries that may be a revelation!

What is the tasting section? How does it work?

The tasting section is a temporary selection of 10 ml ready to vape e-liquids with and without nicotine, temporarily replacing our gift module that you all know!

To benefit from these free tastings, you only need to meet one criterion: have a basket worth at least 29 CHF. You will be able to CHOOSE 1 FREE E-LIQUID from a selection of different liquids with different flavours.

It's the perfect opportunity for you to discover new flavours and develop your personal knowledge of your favourite tastes. Maybe you'll find your next All-day!

Where to find our tasting section?

You will be able to find our tasting section at the "Cart" stage (at the initial location of our gift module).

You will then be able to select the e-liquid of your choice and customize its nicotine content (currently we offer 0 and 3 mg/ml).

Steps to select your e-liquid to taste:

1. Personal reflection on the choice of your e-liquid according to your desires of discovery

2. Select a nicotine rate (0 or 3 mg/ml)

3. Click on "Add a gift!"

4. That's it! The liquid has been added to your basket with the mention "Free".

Section dégustation dans votre panier

The brand of the moment to taste: ROYKIN

banniere Roykin fabricant de e-liquide français
Logo Roykin

Roykin: e-liquids that are simple in appearance but have a gastronomic approach with a blisteringly realistic aromatic precision

Roykin is a historic brand of vape, one of the pioneers of the design of premium flavours for electronic cigarette made in France. It is also the same creators as the e-liquids "Petit Nuage" that we no longer present. You have understood: these are unmissable nuggets!

In addition to the very successful taste aspect, they are made with high quality ingredients, with an impeccable sanitary production process.

Roykin e-liquids are designed for both beginners and expert vapers looking for effective and skillfully crafted flavours. You will find flavours to suit all tastes, from classic (tobacco) to fruity, gourmet, drink, mint, fresh and candy.

You will find these 3 Roykin 10 ml e-liquids in our selection:

  • E-liquid Les petites baies : 
    Les petites baies eliquid is a blend of fruit and freshness with delicious flavours of iced berry syrup. A very harmonious fruity must-have that is not sickening.

  • E-liquid Star light : Embark on the ship, towards the stars to catch the Star light eliquid with classic blond and vanilla flavours. Beware, this is not a simple tobacco, but a real addictive delicacy! The marriage of tobacco and vanilla creates a perfect balance, which makes it an e-liquid of choice for every day.

  • E-liquid X-Freez blue :
    X-Freez blue eliquid will transport you to the North Pole with its extra fresh blue mint aroma. An ideal juice to refresh your sunny days! A slap of minty freshness.