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How to choose your first e-cigarette?

In the jungle of the vape, there are several categories of electronic cigarette and a lot of models in each category.

Are you rather discreet with a little mod "Little Vape", or maybe you prefer big boxes to spit steam like a dragon?

With each style of vape, his e-cigarette! To enlighten you on these types of vape, here is a little review to help you decide what is best for you. We will go crescendo and start with small formats.

Format petite/moyenne vape

Small kits are made primarily for beginners who want to have a first glimpse of the vape. Generally tight draw, these spray are perfect to start the vape and have sensations that are as close as possible to conventional cigarettes. You can vape e-liquids with high levels of nicotine but not high levels of vegetable glycerine.

Format pocket

Pockets are e-cigarettes that fit in the palm of your hand. Perfect to take on a trip or on the move, for example. Provided with an ultra simple system and a tight draw, they are easily transportable and very discreet. Same as for small / medium formats, no e-liquids with high levels of vegetable glycerin but high levels of nicotine and compatible nicotine salts.

Format pod-mod

The pod-mod format e-cigarettes look a bit like the pocket format but still have other peculiarities. They are refillable via small cartridges sealed ready to use. These are the simplest e-cigarettes on the market for use and operation. Cartridges and e-liquids with nicotine salts are the ideal consumables for this type of vaper.

Format vape intense

If you feel the soul of a dragon and want to produce a lot of steam from a single puff, you need one of these kits. Equipped with aerial spray atomizer and a powerful battery, these monsters steam will allow to vape e-liquid with high levels of vegetable glycerin. Attention, the vape with high dose of nicotine (higher than 12mg / ml) is not suitable or not recommended on this kind of kits. Go to the article "How to choose your nicotine level” for more information.

You can easily build the vape that suits you by choosing the box and atomizer of your choice to make your custom vape.